464879_3170232529477_1998308775_oAfter reaching out to several industry sources and celebrity biographers, little is known about the early life of co-host Matt Fish. Some believe he was born abandoned in the frigid Canadian wilderness and raised by wolves; others say he was actually born over 300 years ago and is simply the latest ancient being to be released for its cryogenically frozen state. As it turns out, both of these theories are incorrect – Matt would not have been able to survive in these aforementioned circumstances because there were no readily available options for streaming classic cinema.

Apart from being a cinephiliac with a mysterious past, Matt has also contributed as a writer, producer and host for CJAD 800 in Montreal, NHL Network Radio of Sirius/XM, the WebSports Media network and CJLO 1600 AM. Matt also writes a weekly humour column for, where his editors continually make the mistake of thinking he’s funny. He lives with a constant fear that he’ll have to go outside and shovel, even in July.

Check him out on Twitter, Instagram, and online via his DJ website!

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